Giant Head Rocks

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A Postscript on Rocks

Once again, one of our own names that we gave to a pair of cliffy pillars that stand sentinel immediately south of Cuckoo Island. I guess that when we named them they did look large and they vaguely had the shapes of heads. Between them there is a small slough that is navigable at low tide if you want to continue on your way on foot at "beach level” but if the tide is high you would need to clamber up and over the western most “giant head”. You can see a small pebbly “beach” in between these rocks above the high water mark.

One interesting footnote to make about this "beach". I recall when I first visited this area in the early 1970's there was an old car wheel complete with tyre lying above the high tide mark.

I was most recently down in this area in March 2009 and once again there was an old car wheel lying there. When I think about it I can't really recall a time when there hasn't been an old car wheel in this location. It couldn't be the same one could it? Spooky!