May Craig

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A Postscript on Rocks

This is a small islet directly east of Broadhaven Bay and acts as a breakwater for the shore, protecting the beach from the worst of the weather. Actually, it’s more than just a small islet and is bigger than any other that we have around the coast for miles around however I am curious as to how it always seems to warrant a mention on Wikipedia websites relating to Portlethen! 

May Craig is a popular name on our stretch of coast and I believe that there are at least two others between Aberdeen and Stonehaven so it must have a local meaning.  

There is nothing remarkable about “our” particular May Craig except that it does host nesting areas for a large colony of Herring Gulls. When the gulls started to leave our coasts and moved into the cities this islet was one area where the birds thrived and never left. There was a good reason for that – the ready made meals courtesy of the meat factory that were spilling out of the outfall 200 yards away, the gulls had the perfect nesting site and a ready made feeding ground right on their doorstep. The outfall no longer spews out blood and guts but the gulls have remained in good numbers and continue to use this islet as a nesting site.