Arnot Boo

Rocks & Sloughs
Findon Ness
Doo Cove
Pow Kebbuck
Arnot Boo
Findon Shore
Mouth of Findon Burn
Muckle Shore
May Craig
Peel Slough
Ladies Swim Pool
Tam's Chair
Black Slough
Dead Man's Hole
Ship's Stern
Land Crag
Buckie Loan
Portlethen Shore
Stinking Haven
Cuckoo Island
Giant Head Rocks
The Neighbours
The Moat
Harley Hacket
Englishman's Neuks
Tam Milne's Shore
Donald's Delvings
Ram Stone
Meggie Glennie's
Little Broad Shore
Meikle Broad Shore
Braid Hailen
Through Gang Point
Herring Hole
Yellow Tappie
Lang Crag
Strathfresh Rocks
The Banks
Cammachmore Bay
Knaps of Downies
Craig Lonny
Downies Haven
Berrymuir Head
A Postscript on Rocks

This is another of my favourite names although the spelling can vary to Arnot Bo. This is a large cliffy inlet that “eats” into the cliffs however it is no safe haven as the predominantly south easterlies blow directly into the small bay making it quite treacherous. Once again there have been shipwrecks in this area with loss of life. 

I have read somewhere that the lands of Findon were previously known as Arnabo prior to becoming Findon so I imagine that this is where the name originated from although I have no idea how the spelling of the name managed to change so much (for the better!). 

In recent years this particular bay has became very popular with the climbing and bouldering fraternity and they have devised names of their own for particular rocks and climbs, these names are probably unique to the climbers and have never been listed before on any maps nor have they been used by local fishers. However I am indebted to these guys for naming one distinctive rock within Arnot Boo “The Sea Cube”, this piece of rock is like a gigantic dice that has been rolled down the cliff slopes and came to rest at a jaunty angle on the shore amongst a number of other boulders.