Findon Ness

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Findon Ness
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Berrymuir Head
A Postscript on Rocks

This is perhaps the best known place name on this list, not only because itís the nearest point to where the Finnan Haddie was caught but because itís a headland that can be seen for many miles. Should you be driving in the vicinity south of Stonehaven and you get a glimpse of the coastline northwards the furthest headland that you will get a view of is Findon Ness. Similarly if you are at the harbour at Cove Bay and you look southwards along the coast you will see no further than Findon Ness. 

Findon Ness is a popular area for anglers but there is no easy way down to water level and it requires care and caution to find the safest route down and Iím sure that regular anglers have worked out the best way.

As you can imagine this being a main headland, the area is very exposed to the elements and you can face strong winds and coarse seas and itís not a place to visit unless the weather is at its best. Additionally the seas immediately off the point of Findon Ness can be treacherous, particularly if thereís a strong wind and tide working in tandem. The number of shipwrecks, particularly in the early years, in the vicinity of Findon Ness is testimony to the danger of the area.