Downies Haven

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A Postscript on Rocks

Also known as Downies Shore. Itís hard to believe that this small haven was once home to a large number of small boats. In 1881 there were 17 boats here employing a total of 45 men. Evidence of the fishing industry that used to be here can still be seen today by way of two or three old winches dotted around the slopes near the footpath down into the shore (they are now overrun with grass and weeds so you may have to dig them out to see them). 

Further evidence of fishing activity can also be found on the shore itself where there are ancient, rusting pins protruding from certain rocks on the beach and holes that have been drilled into other rocks. The shore here offers some shelter but there was no pebble beach to work with like at Portlethen Shore. As a result of this, the local fishermen had to create their own slipways over the rocks to be able to launch their boats, the rusting pins and holes drilled into the rocks are evidence of that. During winter the boats and some of these slipways would have been pulled up onto the grassy bank so that they didnít have to face the onslaught of the seasonal storms.  

Today there are no boats left in Downies Shore and it would take a lot of hard work to make this small haven navigable and safe to work again. The last small boat here used to fish for lobsters but since the 1980ís no one has attempted to berth a boat here. 

This is one of two areas where I work my lobster creels from the rocks during the summer months, the other area being at the south side of Cammachmore Bay, near the Knaps of Downies.