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A Postscript on Rocks

Located directly next to the big rock of Craigmarroin at a distance of twenty yards or so southwest and stretching for approximately 200 yards in a generally southerly direction is The Moat. There are a few different names applied to this area however the Moat is the one most commonly used by the locals that are working with any creels.  

The sheltered area inside the Moat is probably the best spot for miles around for catching lobsters, however it can be a challenge to place creels here because of the problems of gaining access by boat and it’s only advisable to attempt it in the calmest of seas.  

At high tide one challenge is to avoid buses (most of the rocks are underwater or nearly underwater at high tide) and the other challenge is to find exactly where the best creels spots are.

At low tide the challenge is to gain entrance because the mouth of the moat is surrounded by a thick bush of tangles (kelp) that are above the surface of the sea, and additionally, at low tide there are a series of large boulders that you have to pick your way through to get access.

I guess you are beginning to see where the name “moat” comes from – it is a well protected stretch of water and very nearly becomes one large pool when the lowest spring tides arrive. 

The other name that I’ve seen used in respect to this area is “The Mouches” however I suspect that this may actually apply to the tangle and boulder strewn entrance to the Moat.