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These sections cover my family (and some friends) in and around Portlethen. There are no long stories here, although I'll endeavour to explain certain photos where I can. What you will see within some of these photographs is the changing face of Portlethen (and some of my family) over the years. This final section covers the years 1983 to the present day.


Ron Kenn at the Bothy

Pictured with his Honda 750/4 in 1983.

Ron Kenn, 1980's.

At the Neuk

Jamming at the Bothy, 1980's.

Sean Newman and Ron Kenn

At the Bothy, 1980's.

Wullie Moir, Barry Jones, Ron Kenn.

At the Bothy

Steve Bates, Charlie & Sean Newman, 1980's

Wedding Day

Sorry this is not Portlethen. Jacky and I were married at Shimba Hills in Kenya on 14th May 1991. It's my website so I am allowed to sneak in the occasional "non-Portlethen" related photo.


Me, Ron & Patricia Kenn


Ron Kenn at Downies (Strathfresh Cottage)

Me & Geordie Anderson

At sea, early 2000's

My wife Jacky and myself, 2000.

At home (Strathfresh Cottage, Downies)

At the Knaps of Downies

Me in 2000.

Getting Lucky!

Me with a crustacean, 2002.

At Portlethen Village

Annie (Ron's girlfriend), Ron and Patricia Kenn, 2003

I'm now been here long enough to be considered a "Doonies Loon"

At home 2003.

Still getting lucky!

Me in 2004.

John Kenn

At the ripper, mid 2000's

Time out for Grand-Parenting!

Me with Lily (days old) 2005.

Okay, so it's not Portlethen.

Neil Shelton and my sister Patricia - their wedding day, 2005.

The morning after the night before, 2005.

After Patricia & Neil's wedding - some of my family the following morning: Back, left to right: Jacky Kenn, Ian Wyles, Eunice Wyles, Robert Bremner, Sandi Wyles, me, Anne Kenn. Front: John Kenn and Chris Bremner.

A fine summers day at sea

John Kenn, 2000's.

John and Anne Kenn at the Bothy, mid 2000's

At Portlethen Shore

Anne Kenn, late 2000's.

Still at sea, late 2000's

John Kenn, still regularly going to sea whilst well into his 70's.

Still getting lucky in 2007

Me after a succesful creel outing

Me at home, 2007.