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These sections cover my family (and some friends) in and around Portlethen. There are no long stories here, although I'll endeavour to explain certain photos where I can. What you will see within some of these photographs is the changing face of Portlethen (and some of my family) over the years. This second section covers the years 1959 through 1967.

Our first home.

John Kenn pictured at 67 Portlethen Village during the summer of 1959.

My arrival!

Pictured with my mother Anne at 67 Portlethen Village, 1960.

Flowery Dresses!

Christine Bremner, with her mother Chris, Anne Kenn with me. At the Hillocks, Old Portlethen, 1960.

At Portlethen Shore in 1961.

Jack Milne & John Kenn with respective sons - Andy and myself.

Me, aged 1.

This photograph was taken in 1961. For much of the 1960's this pair of caravans resided in Old Portlethen.

Uncle Andy Kenn

At Portlethen Shore in the 1960's.

Family at 43 Portlethen Village, 1962.

Back: Chris Bremner with my baby brother Ronald Kenn, Betty Thomson, Andrew Kenn, Maggie Kenn. Front:Christine Bremner, me, Anne Kenn.

Family Group at Hillocks, Old Portlethen, 1962.

Back: Anne Kenn, baby Ron Kenn, Bunty Thow, Chris Bremner, Maggie Kenn. Front: Christine Bremner, Robert Bremner, Jock Thow, me, Andrew Kenn.

Christine Bremner, Ron and me, 1962.

The house in the background is where we lived - No 43. Portlethen Village.

Me, Ron and Anne Kenn in 1963.

The house in the background is Thistletor which is no longer there; a newer version of Thistletor was built around 1980.

Elspeth Bates and son Steven, 1963.

Pictured outside 43 Portlethen Village; note the black Smoke House - this Smoke House was still standing in the 1990's.

A picnic at Muckle Shore, 1964.

Muckle Shore was a popular venue for a picnic in the 1960's. In this picture is my Aunt Eunice, along with cousins Sandie, Kenneth, Laura, brother Ron and me (looking out towards the "May Craig").

Any guesses where this is?

This 1964 photograph was taken 50 yards along the road from the Neuk. In the picture are Anne Kenn with me and Ron and Eunice Wyles with Sandie, Kenneth and Laura.

At Portlethen Shore, 1964.

John Kenn pictured with fellow salmon fisher, Neil Fraser, at Portlethen Shore. Ron and me are in the boat.

Local Lasses, 1964.

Possibly a WRI evening of some sort. From left to right: Betty Craig, Thyra Grubb, Anne Kenn, Chris Bremner, Mrs Duncan, Mrs Simpson.

Patricia arrives!

At 43 Portlethen Village in 1964, Anne Kenn with new daughter Patricia.

Snow time, 1964

Ron, Patricia and me at 43 Portlethen Village.

My first day at school, 1965.

No school buses, no taxi's, very little in the way of cars. For most of my seven years at Portlethen Primary school I had to walk to and from Old Portlethen.

At Burnside Gardens.

Chris Bremner, Patricia and Christine Bremner at Burnside Gardens in 1965.

In the salmon coble

Kenn & Wyles cousins in the salmon coble at Portlethen Shore in 1966. From left to right: Ron, Sandie, Kenneth, Laura, me.

Cousins at the shore, 1966.

Kenneth, me, Ron, Laura, Patricia, Sandie at Portlethen Shore.

Family group at Hillocks, Old Portlethen, 1966.

Back: Ron, Chris Bremner, Bunty Thow. Seated at Front: Me, Patricia and Maggie Kenn.

Young friends

Ron Kenn, Steve Bates, Patricia Kenn, photographed in 1966.

At Portlethen Shore in 1967

Patricia Kenn, me, Martin Craig and Ron Kenn.

At Portlethen Shore, 1967

Me, Steve Bates, Ron Kenn and Patricia Kenn.