Family & Friends Gallery 3 - 1968 to 1983

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These sections cover my family (and some friends) in and around Portlethen. There are no long stories here, although I'll endeavour to explain certain photos where I can. What you will see within some of these photographs is the changing face of Portlethen (and some of my family) over the years. This third section covers the years 1968 to 1983.


At 43 Portlethen Village, 1968.

Anne Kenn at home with me, Steve Bates, Ron and Patricia. Note the first of the modern day houses were beginning to be built in the village,

Anne Kenn at Muckle Shore, 1969.

(I suspect my mother is wearing a wig!)

Ron & me, Boys Brigade, 1970.

Yes, we did the Boys Brigade thing every Friday night at Portlethen Primary School. I think we may only have done it for the football outings and the free chips and fizzy drinks that followed.

At the Newt Pool, near Muckle Shore, 1970.

Me, Steve Bates and Ron Kenn (with an injured herring gull that we discovered)

Building a bonfire, 1972

We had a variety of sites for our Guy Fawkes night bonfires but the best ones were at the clifftop site (where the car park is located, halfway up the shore road). In this picture are Ron Kenn, Steve Bates, Martin Craig and myself - we may not be easy to spot.

At 43 Portlethen Village, 1975.

Ron Kenn & Chris Campbell

Some of the gang at "Oor Shed", Portlethen Shore in 1975.

Ron Kenn, Martin Craig, Andy Milne, Doug Milne, Chris Campbell.

At Portlethen Village

Andy Milne, Ron Kenn and Martin Craig pictured in 1975.

Patricia Kenn

Pictured at home in 1978.

A winters day in Old Portlethen

Jean Cruikshank and Patricia Kenn in 1978.

I actually wanted to look like this!?!

I confess - it's me with an Afro perm and flared jeans in 1978. At least the creels look somewhat normal.

John Kenn, 1979.

Building a wall at "Postie Jean's" house just prior to setting up a building business.

Anne and Patricia Kenn

Home at 43 Portlethen Village in 1979 (by now the address had officially been changed to 1 Craigmarn Road).

Old Mates in 1980.

Proving that they can still have a laugh and a good night out - Billy Main, Ian Angus and John Kenn.

Old Mates in 1980

Still proving that they can still have a laugh and a good night out - John Kenn, Eddie Shand and Billy Main.

Me at the Bothy, 1980.

Steve Bates with Geordie Anderson, summer 1981.

Pictured at Steve's house - originally 4 Portlethen Village.

At the Ship Stern, 1981.

A mass fishing expedition - the names are on the photograph and are hopefully legible.

The Neuk, 1981.

Mine host Billy Main, with Ron Kenn and Wullie Moir.

The aftermath of one of Ron's famous bothy parties, 1981.

The names are on the photograph and are hopefully legible.

At Muckle Shore

In this picture: Jim Hutcheon, Steve Bates, Sean Newman and Ron Kenn. Photographed in 1983.

Ron Kenn at Portlethen Shore, 1980's

A Bothy Party, 1980's

Recognise any faces?

Bothy Party, 1980's.

See anyone you know?

John and Patricia Kenn at home, 1983.