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My mother is Anne (Nan) Thomson, born in 1931. Her father was Alexander Thomson, who originated from Denny, Stirlingshire and worked as a labourer at Carrongrove Paper Mill. Her mother was Bridget (Betty), who originally came from Ardee, County Louth, Ireland. Anne is the oldest of two daughters, the other being Eunice. As a family they lived in Fankerton, near Denny in Stirlingshire. 

As a teenager and a young woman in her twenties my mother was quite adventurous and with her sister as a companion they would often go on cycling holidays in Scotland, England and across to Ireland. Post war Europe was also on her agenda and she spent time visiting France, Germany, Belgium and Holland. Eunice married Iain Wyles when she was in her early twenties but it would have been a few more years before my mother married in 1958 at the age of 27. 

Prior to meeting my father my mother worked in the office of the National Coal Board based in Denny and Stirling. 

My maternal grandfather, Alexander Thomson died at the age of 49 in Denny so had no connection at all with Portlethen. His wife Betty died in 1963, five years after my mother married and had moved to Portlethen, however I do have some faded memories of my Gran coming to visit us in Portlethen on a few occasions.


Betty Duffy, 1920's.

Betty Thomson, with daughter Anne, 1931.

Alexander Thomson with daughter Anne, 1932.

Anne & Eunice Thomson, 1935.

Anne & Eunice Thomson, 1941.

Betty and Alexander Thomson, 1948.

Betty and Alexander Thomson, 1949.

Eunice & Anne Thomson, late 1940's.

Eunice and Anne Thomson, with their mother Betty, late 1940's.

Betty Thomson, early 1950's.