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My father is John Kenn, born in 1931, the youngest of three children born to Andrew and Maggie Kenn. His older brother was Andy, who died in 2005 and his sister is Chris. 

I do have more vivid memories of my paternal grandparents, probably because they were near neighbours in Old Portlethen. Both Andrew and Maggie (Spence) were local folks who lived in or around Portlethen all their lives and their families appeared to have been in the area for many generations before them. 

Both grandparents were part of large families and it would appear that both of them had at least nine siblings each. Apparently most of my immediate family were of farming stock rather than fishing stock especially those from my grandmotherís side Ė many of the Spence family appeared to have lived and been employed on Mains of Portlethen Farm in the late 1800ís and early 1900ís. 

The Kennís seemed to flit between farming, fishing and even gardening although for most of his life my grandfather Andrew was a Railwayman and Maggie appeared to be a domestic home help when she wasnít bringing up her family. 

Andrew Kenn died in 1967 aged 79 and my grandmother Maggie survived for a further twenty four years, and died in 1991 at the age of 91. 

By 1955 my father was salmon fishing, after previously spending short terms of employment at Knowles the grocer, Richards the textile mill and Tawse, civil engineers, as well as two years of National Service in the early 1950ís which saw him spend time in Hong Kong, Singapore and the far east.

John & Jessie Spence, Maggies parents, 1890's?

Maggie Spence, around 1910.

Alex Spence, one of Maggie Spence's older brothers, killed in action during World War I.

Maggie Spence, with her mother Jessie, around 1920.

Maggie Kenn, with children Chris and Andy at Muckle Shore, late 1920's.

Andrew Kenn with relatives at Muckle Shore, around 1930.

Maggie Kenn, with children Chris, John & Andy, 1930's.

Andy, Chris & John Kenn, mid 1930's.

Andrew Kenn, with his nephew Jock Thow, possibly 1940's.

John Kenn, 1946.

John Kenn, around 1950.

Andrew & Maggie Kenn, 1950's.

Three Generations - Andrew, John and Ian Kenn, 1960.

Maggie & Andrew Kenn, 1960's.