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These sections cover my family (and some friends) in and around Portlethen. There are no long stories here, although I'll endeavour to explain certain photos where I can. What you will see within some of these photographs is the changing face of Portlethen (and some of my family) over the years. This first section covers the very early years from the late 19th Century through 1958.


My Great, Great Grandmother, Elspet Spence

I have no idea of the date or whereabouts of this photograph but it would appear to have been taken at Portlethen, maybe in the 1880's?

My Great Grandparents, John & Jessie Spence

Photographed in the late 1800's. They lived at the "Thackit Hoose" - a house just outside Old Portlethen (a new house sits on the same site about 400 yards north of the Neuk)

Jessie Spence, my Great Grandmother.

Photographed at the "Thackit Hoose", near Old Portlethen, in the early 1900's.

My Great Uncle, John Spence.

As well as fighting in the Great War 1914-1919, John was also a cattleman at Mains of Portlethen.

Great Uncle Alexander Spence.

Alexander Spence was killed in action in Northern France during the Great War. My grandmother said that she lost three brothers in this war however Alexander is the only one noted on the war memorial at Portlethen church.

Great Uncle Dod Spence

Dod survived the Great War and emigrated to New Zealand

Great Uncle Bob Spence.

Bob was the brother closest in age to my grandmother and was another who fought in the Great War. He was also a farm servant at Mains of Portlethen.

A Great Aunt, Janet Spence.

I think that Janet may have emigrated to the United States at a relatively early age.

Great Aunt, Jessie Spence

This photograph was supposedly taken in America. From the studio mock up this could well be the case. Jessie is second from the right.

My Grandmother Maggie Spence with older siblings Teeny and Jimmy.

Possibly photographed at the "Thackit Hoose" near old Portlethen or, perhaps, Townhead, which was a small group of house located near Hillhead (Hillies). This photo would date from around 1908.

Another Great Uncle, Willie Spence

Willie served with the Black Watch during the Great War and was also employed for a spell at Mains of Portlethen.

Willie Spence

At Mains of Portlethen during the early 1900's (around the time of George J.Walker's tenancy there)

Great Uncles Bob, Jimmy and Dod Spence.

At Portlethen in the early 1900's. Again maybe at the "Thackit Hoose" or maybe at Townhead?

Great Aunt Elsie Spence (Adams), another sister of my grandmother Maggie.

Photographed here with her children Nan and Johnny, possibly around 1910. Unlike some of her brothers and sisters Elsie settled in the Portlethen area.

Andy & Chris Kenn (my Uncle & Aunt)

Photographed at the "Thackit Hoose", near Old Portlethen, around 1930.

My father, John Kenn

Photographed in 1935.

George Craig & Ian Angus

Pictured at Muckle Shore, 1950's.

A Group Photo at Muckle Shore

Taken in the 1950's, this photo includes Ian Angus, Billy Main & George Craig).

John Kenn

At Hillocks, Old Portlethen, 1950's.

Sandy Shand

Pictured at Portlethen Shore or Muckle Shore in the 1950's.

Family at Hillocks, Old Portlethen.

At back - Andrew Kenn, Chris Bremner, Maggie Kenn, Anne Thomson. Front Robert Bremner and daughter Christine. Pictured in 1958.

Family at Portlethen Shore

Chris Bremner, Anne Thomson, Christine Bremner & Maggie Kenn, pictured in 1958.

Anne Thomson

Pictured at "Black Slough", near the "Ships Stern" fishing mark, 1958.

John Kenn

Pictured near "Braid Hailen", halfway between Old Portlethen and Downies, 1958.

John Kenn & Anne Thomson

At Hillocks, Old Portlethen in 1958. Note the unobstructed views out to sea and towards Findon Ness.