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This section includes photographs, old & new, around Portlethen Station and the surrounding countryside.


Townhead, Portlethen, 1890's

Townhead was a small community of about four houses situated between Portlethen Village and Hillhead (Hillies).

Follow the farm track near the Neuk car park, head west up the hill, and Townhead is about two thirds of the way up the hill. Some foundations and boulders remain on the site today.

On the Dancing Board at Portlethen Games

Probably in the early 1900's. The probable site of this event would have been in the field next to the Jubilee Hall (before there were any houses in that area).

An early photograph of Portlethen Church

Probably taken in the early 1900's.

Smiddy at Portlethen, 1916.

A press cutting.

A view of Portlethen station from the church

Date unknown but probably early to mid 20th century.

A view of Portlethen station from the church

Date unknown but looking at the bicycles and the clothing worn by the people I would estimate 1930's or 1940's.

Portlethen Church Interior, 1940's

Moderator of the Church of Scotland unveiling the stained glass window during Rev Dunn's tenure.

Portlethen Church Interior, 1940's

Dedication of the Communion Chairs, Reverend Dunn at left with the Moderator of the Church of Scotland.

Portlethen Aerial Photo, 1954.

Findon, Old Portlethen and Downies can be seen on the coast and at this time there were only a cluster of buildings around Portlethen Station. Fine details can be viewed on the larger version of this photo.


Portlethen Aerial Photo, 1954.

The same photograph but in detail. Click on Photo and then scroll up, down and across to see the fine details. This is a large file and may take time to upload (but it's worth the wait!)

Minister & Church Elders

Rev Alexander Dunn and Portlethen Church Elders, 1950's.

Portlethen Station

Probably 1950's

Beith Boys Brigade on a visit to Portlethen, 1959.

This Boys Brigade group came from Beith and camped at Stonehaven each year and paraded to Portlethen Church. Reverend Dunn originally hailed from Beith.

Beith Boys Brigade on a visit to Portlethen, 1959.

Leading up to Portlethen Church.

Portlethen Manse, circa 1960

Portlethen Manse and the cottage at Gushet Neuk are still here today however both buildings are now surrounded by recent developments around Rownabank Road (this is the original road in picture) and Glascairn Avenue.

A wedding at Portlethen Church, 1960's.

Poertlethen Church, 1960's

Taken form the Railway Station.

Portlethen Wedding

Rev Alexander Dunn with his daughter Elizabeth, at her wedding at Portlethen Church, 1966.

Reverend K. McLeod.

Pictured outside Portlethen Church (taken from an early 1970's news article)

A poor copy of a news article from 1975.

A familiar view.

A 1976 news article.

Portlethen viewed from the west in 1976.

Taken from a news article.

A 1976 news article.

Horses on Cookston Road

From a 1978 News Article.