Photo Gallery - Introduction.

Photo Gallery Intro.
Portlethen Village
Downies Village
Findon Village
Around Portlethen

In this section you will find pictures that have no stories, that do not need any stories or do not really fit into any category elsewhere on this site.

Rather than ignore or cast them aside, I have created a few picture galleries that cover the past and present of Portlethen, Findon, Downies and the surrounding areas, with particular emphasis on the fishing villages themselves.

Interspersed within these galleries there may also be an occasional newspaper article that may not have warranted a section all on its own but was deserving to be mentioned as part of our local history.

I've added short notes and dates where these are known but other than those you can make up your own mind about what stories these pictures are trying to tell.

I apologise that the section on Findon is not as comprehensive as I would have liked but if anyone does have pictures of Findon, particularly prior to the 1960's, I would be delighted if you would share them with me and I can upload them to the site.

In fact if anyone does have an older photograph that has scenes of the villages or villagers that is not already included in the galleries then I would be more than happy to upload a copy and share with the world. You would be included in my acknowledgements page for such a charitable act.

Enjoy the show!