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This section includes photographs, old & new, of the village of Downies and its inhabitants.


"Aunt Lettie"

A very early photo of a Downies resident, late 19th century.

Downies Fishermen?

Are these fishermen from Downies or Newtonhill? This picture is from the late 19th century.

Fisher Life in Downies, 1890's.

"Old Betsie"

Photographed at "the square" in Downies, late 19th century.

Downies Shore, 1906.

A clifftop view of Downies

Photographed in the early 1900's

Downies Folks

Date unknown

Downies Fishermen, early 20th century.

Downies Village, around 1918.

The old village shop remained open in Downies until the 1940's.

Another view of the shop, around 1918.

Downies, around 1920.

Shop owner, William Main, is at the front of this photograph.

A scene from Downies Shore.

Date unknown.

Wm Main, General Merchant, Downies, Portlethen.

Not only did William Main run the shop, he owned his own van too.

The Downies van.

Photographed at Banchory Devenick around 1920.

William Main, General Merchant, Downies, Portlethen.

By the 1930's a new van was in use.

Aggie Wood

Aggie was the mother of Lorna Arthur who still resides in Downies today

Downies Shore.

Young Jackie Wood and his uncle "Deaf Sannie" prepare to go to sea. Probably taken in the 1930's.

Downies Men, possibly 1930's or 1940's

Included in this group are "Kings Alex" Main, Robbie Wood, Willie Main, Sonny Craig and John Wood.

Downies shore.

A scene from the 1930's?

A clifftop garden

Pictured south of Berrymuir near Rippiecass Craig. Date unknown.

Downies Haven, 1950's.

Still a few boats in the shore at this time. The last boat was removed from Downies Haven in the 1980's.

Downies Haven, 1950's.

Herring Gulls are plentiful in this photograph however you won't see them nesting in the same places in the present day.

Childrens Party at Downies, 1950's.

In the 1950's and 1960's there was a great sense of community spirit in Downies. This party was a fundraiser to help make money to pay for solicitors in the quest to save the village.

"The Water Spootie"

Possibly 1950's.

"Going up the brae" before there was a tarred road.

Probably 1950's

Pat Main


A view of Downies from the south


Doonies Johnnie


At Downies Shore


A view to the north.

From the front row, Downies. 1950's.

"Kings Alex" funeral procession at Downies.

1950's or early 1960's?

Sonny Craig making a creel at Downies.

1950's or 1960's?


Top of Downies Village

In the early 1960's.

Postie Craig at 40 Downies.

In the 1960's.

View of the village from the Shore head.



A 1975 Press Cutting

An aerial view of Downies.


All the boats have long gone.

Rusting winches at Downies shore, 1986.

Another view of Downies from the Shore head.


A view of Wairds Farm and Downies taken from Hillies.

Around 2000.