The Walker Family

The Walker Family
Robert Walker
George J Walker
Colonel Robert Walker

The Walker family were key players in the Portlethen area and were well established in the farming community from a very early time. We can only guess at when they first came to the fore in the district however by the time that the family sold their farming interests to the Shand family in the 1930ís there had been eight generations of Walkers involved in farming in Portlethen. 

In this section we will deal with three generations of Walkers; Robert Walker who was born 1802 and farmed from Portlethen and Hillside until his death in 1874, his son George J Walker who was involved in agricultural, community and business matters from an early age and eventually took over the management of the farms until he died in 1915, and finally Georgeís son Colonel Robert Walker, the final piece in the jigsaw of the Walker dynasty who managed farm matters in the district until he sold his farming interests in 1933.