Portlethen Centenerian.

Portlethen Centenerian

Despite the high infant mortality rate in the 18th, 19th and early 20th Century (in keeping with the rest of the country), it was not unknown for more than a handful of the fisher folks to live well into their eighties or nineties. This small section is dedicated to one of the those - Mary Craig. Mary lived to be 103 years old and was still living at 1 Portlethen Village at the time of her 100th birthday. The photos and articles below tell Mary's story.


Mary's Parents, John & Mary.

Photograph possibly taken circa 1870's?

Three sisters.

Mary Craig, from Old Portlethen, pictured in the 1880's with her sisters. I believe that Mary is in the centre of this picture.

Mary's Wedding Day, 1904 or 1909?

An article and photograph from the press. Although the press article states 1909 other sources state the marriage may have taken place in 1904.

Andrew & Mary Craig, 1904 or 1909

Another wedding day photo.

Mary's sons John & Alexander

Probably taken between 1910 and 1920?

At 1 Portlethen Village

Date unknown but possibly 1930's or 1940's. Mary is at the extreme right of this photo which was taken at the summer house in her garden.

At work - Elsie "Craig" Wood and Madge Watson.

Mary's sister Elsie "Craig" Wood is pictured on the left.

This is your Life - 1964

A studio photograph (Mary doesn't appear to be in this photo)

This is your Life - 1964

A photograph taken fron the TV screen (Mary is the white haired lady standing on the right hand side). Photo courtesy of Margery White.

Newspaper Article - Part 1.

Mary celebrates her 100th birthday in June 1973.

Newspaper article - Part 2.

Mary celebrates her 100th birthday in June 2003.

Newspaper article - Part 3.

Mary was a resident at 1 Portlethen Village when she celebrated her 100th birthday. She continued to stay there for a further year, tending her own garden and doing her own housework. She died in 1976 aged 103.

Mary, hard at work at 100 years old.

June 1973. As kids we used to sell our line caught cod around the villagers - something like two bob per cod. Mary was one of our best customers ~ I feel guilty about that now, we should have been giving her the fish for nothing.

Another article - Part 1.

Mary at 100

Another article - Part 2

Mary at 100.

Mary Craig

Mary, aged 100, in her front garden at 1 Portlethen Village.

Birthday Invite

Not many of us get one of these!

Lily Stewart, North Sea View, 1984.

This is Lily Stewart, who lived in the house next door to Mary, and they were neighbours for many years,

Mrs Stewart celebrated her 100th birthday in 2009 so there must be something special in the air of this small corner of Old Portlethen.