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I can't even remember where I found this little verse but I must have found it somewhere because it's not the sort of poem I'm likely to have come up with myself. I also had to check out the meaning of the word "pibroch" and I've since discovered that it is a form of music for Scottish bagpipes, consisting of a theme and variations. The word pibroch is  based on the Gaelic word piobaireachd.



A Pibroch for Breakfast

Hech, Ho, the Highland laddie!

Hech, Ho, the Finnan haddie!

Breeks awa',

Hech, the braw,

Ho, the bonnie tartan plaidie!

Hech, the laddie,

Ho, the haddie,

Hech, Ho, the cummers caddie,

Dinna forget,

The bannocks' het,

Gin ye love your Highland laddie.