Kicking up a Stink

Kicking up a Stink
Fish Manure Factory
Meat Factory

Portlethen has always been well known for its distinctive aroma Ė in the 1960ís and 1970ís this was down to Donaldís Meat Factory which was built in the heart of New Portlethen. Over the years, with improvements in technology and new procedures being introduced, the issue of bad smells became much less and although it is still possible to detect an aroma in the immediate environs of the factory today itís much less obvious.

The Meat Factory was not the first planned factory in the Portlethen area which had controversial issues relating to smell and in the 1920ís we nearly had another factory which would have been far smellier than the Meat Factory ever was.

This section tells the story of the proposed Fish Manure Factory at Clashfarquhar, near Downies and additionally a little bit of basic history of the early days of the Meat Factory.