An Introduction to Portlethen in the 20th Century

20th Century
Early 1900's
1920's to 1940's
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1980's to 2000

As the 1800ís turned into the 1900ís there were eight villages along the coast between Stonehaven and Aberdeen which were, at that time, still an integral part of the Kincardineshire fishing communities, each with their own unique identity and character. These villages were Cowie, Muchalls, Skateraw (Newtonhill), Downies, Portlethen, Findon, Cove and Burnbanks. However as the 20th century began it was noticeable that their significance as fishing villages had already began to wane with many of the existing fishers leaving and village populations falling away.

How did this happen? The next few pages will outline a few reasons for their demise and their subsequent re-emergence. We will also learn the story of the development of the new town of Portlethen from its hamlet status as Portlethen Station to the place it has grown into today.