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The Rabbit is one of the more confusing superstitions but its appearance or the use of the word on a vessel was deemed, almost universally, to be unlucky. It was difficult to find a definitive reason why the rabbit is considered so unlucky but one explanation I’ve found is that “there is nothing easier to bewitch than a boat” and a witch can easily assume the form of a rabbit (as well as other “unlucky” creatures such as pigs, hares or foxes).  

A fisherman will use the terms “lang ears” or “mappies” rather than mention the word rabbit. The word "rabbit" uttered aloud would result in the anecdote "caul' iron" being said in reply by a superstitious fisherman. 

I wonder what a superstitious fisherman would think of receiving a “lucky” rabbit’s foot as a gift.

Lucky?   Unlucky?  The Cure?